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Panel: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a University Environment

October 13, 2015
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley

Paul K. Wright, Governor Gray Davis, Nick Kohut, Peter Minor, Patrick Scaglia, Anna Schneider

Panel: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a University Environment

Governor Davis will highlight his original vision for the California Institutes for Science and Innovation (CISIs). Working with leaders in the UC system he believed that key partnerships between industry, government and universities would create many new businesses and whole industries from the fundamental science and technology research in our CITRIS labs across the four campuses. Fifteen years later we are excited to share some of the new businesses in sensor networks, healthcare, energy and infrastructures that have resulted from CITRIS’s “shortening the pipeline” between fundamental research and start-up company creation. Along the way, we created the CITRIS Invention Lab and the Foundry as an incubator for our CITRIS entrepreneurs. In 2012 Patrick Scaglia joined the CITRIS team with the idea that the CITRIS incubator would specifically focus on physical 3D printing and electronics as well as software. Such a combination would support a growing interest in the Bay Area for product-prototypes that could be “pitched” to early investors with much greater impact than just an idea on paper. We will again track some of our success stories and highlight the deal-flow and broader connections to the larger innovation ecosystem at Berkeley and other campuses. In particular two of our young companies will describe their successful launch and products in the market.

Panelists: Governor Gray Davis, 37th Governor of California; Nick Kohut, Co-founder and CEO of Dash Robotics; Peter Minor, Co-Founder of the CITRIS Foundry; Patrick Scaglia, Co-Founder of the CITRIS Foundry;  Anna Schneider, Co-founder and CTO of WattTime

Panel moderated by Paul K. Wright, Director, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (and former Director of CITRIS, 2007-2014)

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